Jean-Francois WILLAME

Jean-François Willame (1965) has been CEO of Tango since April 2014. He is combining this function with the role of Chief Operating Officer of Proximus Luxembourg. Before his tenure at Tango, Jean-François was Vice President Carrier & Wholesale at Belgacom (now Proximus) from 2007 until 2014. Before that, he was M&A Director at Belgacom where he presided over the acquisition of Telindus Group and the acquisition of the 25% of the “old” Proximus (Belgacom Mobile) that was, at the time, held by Vodafone. From 2003 until 2005, Jean-François was in charge of Strategy and Business Development for the International Carrier Division of Belgacom where he took care of the spin-off of the division and the joint venture with Swisscom into BICS, now a global leader in the international connectivity market. Jean-François is a law graduate from UCL. He holds a LL.M. from Duke University and an Executive Master in Management (CEPAC) from the Solvay Business School. Jean-François is married and has three children.
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