Francois DRAZDIK

François Drazdik joined ALFI in June 2009 and is currently the Head of Administration of ALFI, responsible for the smooth enrolment of the internal organization & administration of ALFI. François heads the departments Accounting, Administrative Support and IT and Human Resources. He is also acting as the program coordinator for conferences and roadshows that ALFI organizes. He is regularly taking a leadership role in the handling of files on regulatory or industry related topics that are being analyzed in Technical Committees and Forums. He is the ALFI Coordinator of the ALFI Digital/FinTech Forum. Since January 2016, he is a member on the ALFI Management & Executive Committee. Since June 2016, he represents ALFI as a member on the ICT Luxembourg Board of Directors. François started his career in the Luxembourg Fund Industry in 1981, when he joined Banque Internationale à Luxembourg, where he held different positions in the Investment Fund Sector. With the exception of more or less one and a half year, during which he was Head of Business Development with European Fund Administration (“EFA”), François spent his whole career within the Dexia BIL Investment Fund business line where he held various management positions from Head of Account Management, through Head of Fund Accounting, Head of Securities Services to Head of Client Services and Customer Support, position he had in when he left in 2009 RBC Dexia Investor Services S.A., Luxembourg.
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