Our Mission

ICTluxembourg works as a coordination platform for the trade associations representing the ICT sector in Luxembourg, with the aim to enhance synergies, exchange of information and best practices between all the players of the sector. It supports and fosters ICT related projects and initiatives throughout the country for a strong national positioning and a more effective international reach.

ICTluxembourg is the single voice for the ICT industry in Luxembourg, representing the interests of all national and international companies and supporting key initiatives. ICTluxembourg acts as the spokesperson for the ICT industry in Luxembourg when it comes to having contact with major authorities, such as the public agency Luxembourg for Business – Proud to promote ICT, or even when it comes to reach specific Ministries and pass on key messages from the ICT market.

On the international level, ICTluxembourg works in close cooperation with Luxembourg for Business – Proud to promote ICT, for the promotion of Luxembourg and the ICT market. Besides, ICTluxembourg participates in the business and trade missions organized by the Luxembourg government.

The board of ICTluxembourg is composed of :

Yves Reding, Chairman, Cloud Community Europe – Luxembourg

Gary Kneip, Board member, APSI

Marc Hemmerling, Head of Organisation, Technology and Payment Systems, ABBL

Gérard Hoffmann, Chairman, FEDIL-ICT

Vincent Lekens, Chairman, FDI

Thierry Seignert, Chairman, Finance & Technology Luxembourg

Jean-François Willame, Chairman, OPAL

François Drazdik, Head of Administration, Senior Industry Affairs Advisor, ALFI

Secretary General:

Céline Tarraube, Secretary General, ICTluxembourg